annular illuminator / fluorescent light source / for microscopes / machine vision



  • Other characteristics:

    annular, fluorescent light source

  • Technical applications:

    for microscopes, machine vision


High Frequency (25 kHz) – Lite Mite Series
Circular Fluorescent Vision Illuminator


High frequency, 25 kHz driver for flicker-free illumination
Uniform, glare-free and shadow-free illumination
High light output and color rendition
7,000 hours of lamp life
Wide range of lamp options
Compact, lightweight housing
Custom configurations available
TechniQuip’s Model 10 CFVI (Circular Fluorescent Vision Illuminator) is a laboratory and industrial grade fluorescent lighting system powered by a high frequency (25 kHz) driver.

The Model 10 CFVI provides bright, flicker-free illumination for a variety of application needs including assembly, inspection, imaging, microscopy and machine vision. The circular fluorescent lamp provides 360° of uniform, shadow-free and glare-free illumination on the specimen. This cool illumination minimizes eye fatigue in applications that require intricate differentiation of colors and details for prolonged periods of time. The Model 10 CFVI incorporates a lightweight polycarbonate housing, which stays cool to the touch and does not radiate heat to the illuminated area.

Each illuminator is supplied with an adapter to fit virtually any microscope or camera type.

Standard lamps are available in various white color temperatures, as well as black light blue (UV) and other wavelength specific colors.

A variety of optional accessories are available to configure the Model 10 CFVI to fit most applications. A polarizer kit is available to control the intensity of the transmitted light for applications requiring the illumination of reflective materials. ESD safe models are also available.

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