pulse signal converter / passive / transmitter / repeater



  • Signal type:

    pulse, passive

  • Associated function:

    transmitter, repeater


NozzleCrocodile is used in the transport telematics systems to control petrol and gas fuel consumption of the vehicle.

NozzleCrocodile reads the control impulses of the engine injector and converts them into normalized impulses that number is proportional to the volume of consumed fuel.

The sphere of application is small commercial vehicles: cars, pickups, minivans, lorries and dual-purpose vehicles, in other words such machinery where it`s impossible to use fuel flow meter DFM because of underhood constraint space.

Signals reading is occurred without electrical connection to the nozzle control wires. So, there is no interruption into the vehicle electronic systems integrity.
powered from the on-board vehicle network, there is no need to use additional devices (electric power units);
contactless reading that doesn’t interfere into the integrity of cable insulation and doesn’t have impact on the electronic and electrical equipment of the vehicle;
easy to install and exploit;
has light indication of modes;
doesn`t need preliminary setting-up;
compatible with any GPS/GLONASS trackers that have pulse input for connection of fuel flow meters