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PressTec GRIP generates a magnetic force towards the machine bed, allowing the module to be clamped magnetically to the press. The GRIP effect is independent and does not affect in any way the force that restrains the mold. In this manner, the GRIP function makes the entire system/magnet/mold a unique body, insensible to vibrations and deflections.

Thanks to the GRIP technology, the thickness of the modules is reduced to the record value of 37 mm, even with high structural rigidity. Having more daylight inside the machine let to use deep molds and limit the extra weight. Moreover, there is no need for changes to ejectors and on the injection nose, to the benefit of cycle speed and temperature of the component.
Bi-directional circuit

The heart of PressTec is a bi-directional permanent-electro magnetic circuit type. The circuit consists of double magnetic round poles, poles arranged with N/S alternating polarity. The movement of the magnetic flux is horizontal and flattened, totally concentrated in the polar area, or at the mold to be clamped: high performance and constant performance. The frame is not affected by magnetism, given the total absence of magnetic dispersion.