tension/compression force transducer / canister / compact
F5301, F53C1



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In addition to our force transducer program with bonded foils, a new force transducer with a welded thin film sensor was developed. The usage of standardised sensors, which are welded into the measuring element, makes an automated manufacturing possible. Combined with an accuracy of 2% or 1%, the load pins are also of interest for OEM applications due to the attractive price- performance ratio.

Thin film implants
Accuracy 2% or 1%
Several output signals available
Analog standard-output signals (4...20 mA, 0...10V) or CANopen®-fieldbus
Approval according to 94/9/EG for equipment group II (non-mining products), category 2G for zones 1 and 2 (gases).
Other zones on request
Approved by TÜV Süddeutschland for the use in theatre and stage design