dosing dispenser for the food industry / laboratory / for the cosmetics industry / for ice cream production lines



  • Domain:

    for the food industry, laboratory, for the cosmetics industry, for ice cream production lines

  • Type:

    volumetric, piston, syringe

  • Applications:

    for high-viscosity media, adhesive, for pasty products, silicone, liquid, water

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, benchtop, high-precision, manual, semi-automatic, low-capacity, pedal-operated, with mixer, medium-capacity, hopper, with transfer hopper, pneumatic, for chlorine


The machine is specifically engineered to deliver outstanding results in demanding applications like dosing minuscule yet accurate amounts of liquid or extremely viscous products like honey, jelly, etc. The vital feature of the machine is its ability to attain exceedingly high rates of precision in difficult tasks. Optimally dosing diverse volumes of liquids depends on the volumetric chamber and the piston size of the machine.

Various models provide different ranges of filling capacity at 1-38cc, 2-100cc, 5-250cc, 20-700cc and 50-1,300cc. Components in regular contact with products are easily detachable and convenient to clean. To dispense viscous, semi-viscous or liquid products, the fillers are attached with distribution valves. The machines are conducive to being equipped with accessories to increase performance.

In order to boost feasibility, the machines can be equipped with heating devices that heat the volumetric chamber, the hopper and the valves. This enables easy dosing of viscous products that are best dosed when they are hot and maintained at a specific temperature. Examples are jelly, candle wax, honey, certain pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, jam etc.