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wet and dry vacuum cleaner / electric / mobile / compact
V-WD-27, V-WD-62, V-WD-72



  • Applications:

    wet and dry

  • Power source:


  • Other characteristics:

    mobile, compact, low-noise, 2-motor, 3-motor

  • Power:

    1,300 W, 2,600 W, 3,600 W

  • Capacity:

    27 l, 62 l, 72 l (7.1 gal)


Clean away dirt and water with Tennant Wet / Dry vacuums, and choose the right size and power level that you need. All machines are equipped with high-speed motors. ​

Advanced mechanical design, compact and lightweight ensuring no loss in performance.
More durable; up to 800 working hours.
Quiet performance, engineered so that floors can be cleaned without disrupting work nearby.