temperature data-logger / USB / without display / for food applications
176 T1



  • Measured quantity:


  • Connector type:


  • Display:

    without display

  • Applications:

    for food applications, for Pt100 probe, for refrigerators

  • Other characteristics:

    programmable, rugged, EN 12830

  • Memory capacity:

    2,000,000 unit


Testo offers the 176 T1 instrument that is optimally calibrated and standard-compliant designed to measure temperature accurately and reliably. The 176 T1 satisfies the specific requirements of storage systems where goods are packaged and stored. The Testo 176 T1 has been tested and complies with DIN EN 12830 standards.

Refrigerated and deep-freeze rooms need intense monitoring and regulation of temperature for optimum storage, and the goods stored within them also require temperature measurements. The 176 T1 is encased in a robust, damage-proof metal housing and has a sensor input with a food-grade probe that can be used to measure the temperature.

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