removable insulating blanket / for pipes / textile
Texpack® 3360



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    for pipes

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Texpack® flange covers are removable textile jackets designed, especially to limit discharge and protect the workers in the event of leakage. As a result, the flange covers mitigates hazardous situations that may arise in chemical, petrol-chemical, pharmaceutical and food environments where corrosive, toxic and acid substances form the basis of production.The use of specific silicone or PTFE coated textiles, according to the application, guarantees chemical and mechanical resistance to contact with solvents, steam, acids, fuels and other elements. The closing system can be made with lateral tie bars and cable locks or with fireproof Velcro that make the product resistant and easy to install. The covers can be applied both inside and outside because they are made with different materials that are all fireproof and resistant to UV rays, as well as water and sun. They withstand temperatures from 100°C to 600°C.