reinforced fabric / laminated glass / for thermal protection / high-temperature



  • Type:


  • Material:

    laminated glass

  • Applications:

    for thermal protection, high-temperature

  • Field:



SHIELDTEX - Heat Shield FabricSHIELDTEX/780 differs from other standard aluminium laminated glass cloths in a number of ways.It has a higher than average 20μ micron aluminium foil face making it extremely durable and resilient even after repeated manipulation during fabrication.The adhesive used to laminate the foil to the glass is a special HT silicone rather than acrylic, enabling the temperature resistance to increase from 180°C to 250°C. The E Glass cloth is resistant to 550ºC (unstressed)This in turn greatly reduces the change of the foil cracking or delaminating from the glass substrate.Furthermore, unlike other industrial fabrics, the base glass fabric is lightly impregnated with a black flame resistant PU coating to prevent fray when CNC machine cutting and fabrication.