foam fabric / stone wool / for thermal insulation / for automotive applications
Acousta-Fil® Boa series



  • Material:

    foam, stone wool

  • Applications:

    for thermal insulation

  • Field:

    for automotive applications


Textile Technologies are now offering a revolutionary new concept Acousta-fil®, designed to expand and fill the void once subjected to ambient heat to ensure optimum sound absorption.
The Acousta-fil® fills the silencer more effectively than traditional silencer wadding especially for silencers with complex shapes.
This latest ‘Boa’ version of the exhaust packing is supplied in a long length similar to a feather boa (hence the name) which makes it even more versatile than the sheet type as it allows oval or intricately shaped silencers / cans to be filled more effectively.
Acoustil-fil® is lower in weight than traditional silencer sound absorption material.
The Acousta-fil® Boa is supplied in a 400g bag which is enough to fill a silencer approx 400mm long x 100m diameter.
Boa is rated to 720°C