thermal insulation tape / fiberglass / high temperature-resistant / reinforced
UDT series



  • Function:

    thermal insulation

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    high temperature-resistant, reinforced, woven


Uni Directional Woven Roving Glass TapeTextile Technologies uni directional woven roving glass tapes are unique in that the majority of the fibres are in the warp direction offering greater strength.In order to add stability to the dry reinforcement a small amount of weft fibre 5-6% is added to the perpendicular direction.Woven roving is not twisted and therefore wets out easily. No fuzz, dirt or impuritiesEven thicknessGood covering and degassing propertiesHigh mechanical strength and high wet strength retentionWoven Tapes – No Cutting RequiredNo Fray