ceramic fiber insulating blanket / fire-retardant / woven
Refractory Ceramic Fibre Blanket



  • Type:

    fire-retardant, woven

  • Material:

    ceramic fiber


Refractory Ceramic Fibre Blanket: our ceramic blanket is composed of long, flexible, interwoven fibres manufactured by the "blown" and the "spun" process. They yield a strong, lightweight yet durable mat for applications in a temperature ranging up to 1260°C.

Ceramic blankets have the heat resistance of a hard refractory, yet with five times better insulation value, lower weight and the flexibility of a refractory wool. They also have low thermal conductivity, very low heat storage, very high tensile strength, thermal shock resistance, excellent sound absorption properties.

Our ceramic blankets contain no binder, no fumes or furnace atmosphere contamination. They are free from asbestos and require no curing or dry out time. Its lining can be fired to meet operating temperatures immediately.

N.B: each blanket is normally supplied in loomstate form. In the manufacture of ceramic yarn a certain small percentage of organic binder is used to aid spinning. This can sometimes cause "flashing" at high temperatures. This can be avoided if the product is heat cleaned prior to use or if the organic impurities in the product can be allowed to burn off in situ on application for the initial period.

In light of health and safety concerns for refractory ceramic fibre we strongly urge our customers to consider our S-TEX Silica, Belcotex® 110 Fibre, HT Modified Glass or Bio Soluble alternatives.