protection sleeve / tubular / silicone / rubber
Supersil Fire Silicone Sleeve



  • Type:


  • Structure:


  • Material:

    silicone, rubber, elastomer, glass, coated

  • Other characteristics:


  • Temperature:

    Max.: 1,200 °C (2,192 °F)

    Min.: 260 °C (500 °F)


Supersil Fire Silicone Sleeve (Red): manufactured from "E" glass fibre yarn knitted to form a sleeve and coated with high grade iron oxide silicone elastomer rubber, it has high flexibility with continuous protection at an operating temperature of 260°C. It has an ability to withstand a molten splash at 1200°C, and is highly resistant to most oils, hydraulic fluids, acids and alkalis.

When exposed to flame the high grade rubber will form a protective SiO2 layer. It also has excellent flame resistance and good abrasion resistance.

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