protection sleeve / braided / silicone / rubber
Supersil Silicone Fire Sleeve (Industrial Grade)



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    silicone, rubber, elastomer, glass, coated

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Supersil Silicone Fire Sleeve (Red) (Aerospace Grade): Supersil Fire Sleeving Red (AG) is manufactured from "E" glass fibre yarn braided to form a sleeve and coated with high grade iron oxide silicone elastomer rubber. This braided version allows qualified hose assemblies to pass AS1055D testing under stated flow and pressure conditions.

Its merits include high flexibility, continuous protection at an operating temperature of 260°C and an ability to withstand a molten splash at 1200°C. Our silicone fire sleeve is highly resistant to most oils, hydraulic fluids, acids and alkalis. When exposed to flame the high grade rubber will form a protective SiO2 layer.

Other strengths include excellent flame resistance and good abrasion resistance. Our sleeves have wall thicknesses of 4mm and 0.5mm. Average Dielectric Strength is 30Kv +.

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