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copper machining / for the construction industry / for electronics / military



  • Treated material:


  • Applications:

    medical, for electronics, for the construction industry, military

  • Production method:

    small series

  • Certifications:

    EN 9100, ISO 9001


Machining centres finish die-cut and/or drawn parts, allow reworking, boring etc.

The know-how and equipment of the companies in the Esaris Industries group allow them to make parts ranging from a few mm³ to 10,000 cm³.

The robotic lathe adds competitiveness to technical expertise when it comes to high-volume contracts.

The group is specialised in working soft metals (silver, copper and brass) and can also work with complex metals such as Inconel alloys, stainless steel and even glass-reinforced plastics.

Areas of expertise
Complex parts, including in small runs
Die-cutting in very large quantities of metals and miscellaneous alloys (copper, copper alloys, aluminium, stainless steel, etc.)
Making of precision parts
Hammering (contact rivets)