electric vacuum lifting device / pivoting
TA-VHTS series



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These vacuum lifting devices are available as modular vacuum lifting cross beams (TA-VHTS), as well as in form of modular vacuum swivelling cross beams (VSTS).

These vacuum lifting devices which are built according to the module principle, provide great flexibility due to their freely adjustable traversing system. Because of the cross members and suction cups, which are also freely adjustable in length and width of the vacuum cross beam, the Anverra vacuum lifting cross beams adapt to their handling tasks the optimal way.

The swivelling movements of the VSTS types can optionally be achieved electrically or pneumatically.

These vacuum lifting devices are applied in the field of vacuum-tight wooden plates, plastic plates, as well as steel and aluminium sheets in small, medium and large formats. Because of the compact dimensions and the robust construction, the vacuum lifting cross beams offer much comfort at a little price.

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