rotary ring stretch wrapping machine / automatic / pallet / stretch film
AR 125L



  • Type:

    rotary ring

  • Operating mode:


  • Product applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    stretch film, with top sheet applicator


Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine with rotating ring equipped with top shhet dispenser.

This machine, with rotating film-roll, allows to obtain a steady and compact packing of all sorts of palletized load by a differentiated wrapping on products of sundry nature. An overall packing (five sides) is guaranteed for all sorts of palletized products by the waterproof top sheet dispenser integrated in the machine. Such a wrapping provides an excellent protection against the action of the weather.

The possibility of carrying out different wrapping cycles is the main feature of this machine. The wrapping program, in addition to the complete cycle, allows to carry out a downward cycle only, an upward cycle only, a wrapping of the top or the bottom of the pallet only and a waterproof cycle. This machine can be installed on any existing packing line and it perfectly meets high production needs.