color analysis imaging colorimeter / for light source / for displays / for luminance measurement



  • Applications:

    for color analysis, for light source, for displays, for luminance measurement

  • Sector:

    for laboratories, for the automotive industry

  • Other characteristics:

    CCD, automatic, high-precision


2D Luminance Colorimeter UA-200 is a new product of UA series to measure the uniformity of luminance and chromaticity of FPDs and Interior panels in automobile. The UA-200 achieves high chromaticity accuracy on the order of milli-magnitude.
New six functions are added to current application program, which improve UA-200’s usability for Interior panels in automobile, FPD, and Illumination fields.
Standard lens, Wide lens and Telescopic lens are available.

• High chromaticity accuracy : New developed optical filter make it possible to achieve high accuracy of within ±0.008.
• Measuring time : one sec : Optimized algorithm allows reducing measuring time. *Luminance measuring only.
• 1.22 mega pixel CCD : 1,280×960 resolution
• Expansion of function : Available for high brightness version 10-50,000cd/m2
• 3 type lens variation : Standard, Wide, Telescopic lens

° Evaluation of luminance and chromaticity of LCD, its related materials, and OLED.
° Evaluation of light distribution of Interior panel in automobile and Car Audio.
° Evaluation of luminance and color Mura on the LED and OLED illumination.