CAD/CAM software / design / document management / traceability



  • Function:

    document management, design, CAD/CAM, traceability, cutting

  • Applications:

    for sheet metal

  • Other characteristics:



Design and manufacture your parts with a single all-in-one solution that achieves significant gains in productivity
A unique integrated CAD/CAM solution
An automatic solution that also offers a broad selection of manual functions
Centralization of data to make considerable time savings in the industrialization of your projects
Optimized nestings for lower waste rates
Automatic management of waste and material traceability
Expert machine post-processors
Document management (workshop data sheets, label management)
The totally integrated CAD/CAM solution to design and manufacture sheet metal parts, from the simplest to the most complex
Based on the Parasolid exact modeler, TopSolid’Sheetmetal retrieves all the external data using powerful functions:
Automatic sewing - simplification of geometries
Multiple conversions into sheet metal, with recognition of a project with the thickness
Identification of folds and deformations
TopSolid’Sheetmetal integrates specific functions to:
Create sheet metal parts from simple or complex surfaces
Calculate solid and wire flat perspectives (multiple unfolding operations)
An expert solution for punching and cutting
Automatic machining: recognition of special tools, customizable machining macros
Automatic mounting of turrets and/or use of predefined turrets
Common splitting/cutting, shearing
Management of the part and off-cut evacuation modes: micro-attachments, flaps, unloaders
Integration of optional equipment
Machining strategy
Simple or complex nesting
Common cuts
Customizable post-processors