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automatic cleaning machine automatic cleaning machine - e-STUDIO RD301


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Toshiba's new Paper Reusing System enables the reuse of paper by erasing printed documents, thereby effecting a significant reduction in the amount of paper needed for office and other business operations. Reducing the use of paper not only means lower costs but a smaller, more eco-friendly carbon footprint.
The e-STUDIO307LP uses a Toshiba-developed blue erasable toner that enables printed documents to be erased and their paper reused. This means a big decrease in the use of new paper, which greatly reduces the generation of waste paper as well as the size of the company's carbon footprint, thereby helping protect the Earth's environment.
Erasing & Scanning
Documents printed on the e-STUDIO307LP can be erased at the touch of a button on the e-STUDIO RD301, which also provides added convenience by automatically sorting paper from erased documents into reusable and non-reusable sheets. What's more, the e-STUDIO RD301 comes with a scanner that makes it easy to digitize and store documents electronically that will be erased.

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