welding positioner

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welding positioner welding positioner - ROBOFIX


Positioning device for correct welding of flanges to template pipes

When producing template pipes with flange connections the planes and hole patterns of the flanges have to fit exactly to those of the connecting flanges, between whom the pipe has to be inserted at the jobsite. Even minimal deviations of this mean that the template pipe could not be inserted into the pipeline system.

The ROBOFIX system precisely replicates the relative positions of the connecting flanges for the template pipe within the pipe workshop, so that the distance between and the alignment of the flange planes as well as the master gauge for the flange holes exactly fits the on-site installation situation. Therefore the geometric data determined at the jobsite by the SCOPELINK measuring system can directly be used.

The template pipe (produced by bending or from segments) is now inserted between the flanges in correct positional arrangement and tack-welded to them. ROBOFIX assures the quality of the whole template pipe production process, because compliance of the flange positions and the pipe course is continuously verified.

After the flanges have been welded to the template pipe, it can be transported to the jobsite and inserted to the piping system at perfect fit.