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The Runweight weighbridge is an integrated aircraft weighing equipment with tolling, weights and balances weighing solution for the aviation sector. It provides the live condition weights and additional information which is used to cross-check and validate weights and balances data submitted to an aircraft crew prior to departure.
It is the final and most accurate indication of the live weights and balances, providing a safety net prior to departure.

Uniquely, Runweight is a world first solution and the pinnacle of Australian and German technology, developed from over 85 years of industry experience and combining proven state of the art electronics and engineering.
As a reliable aircraft weighing equipment, Runweight delivers a robust and ‘real-time’ weighbridge and balancing solution for the aviation sector.

Embedded into the existing runway apron infrastructure, the Runweight system utilizes a series of heavy-duty OIML trade approved load-cell and electronics, to accurately determine aircraft weight and balance – in motion, and up to an unbeatable 20 kilometers per hour.
The wheel group is weighed separately, allowing for precision measurement and load balance, to within 1% of the total aircraft weight.
Results are then relayed instantly, and displayed via a high intensity LED board. Allowing for greater control and accurate identification of aircraft payloads and center of gravity calculation.

Runweight…for a safer take off and landing…every time!


- Safety net to cross-check prior to take off
- Identifies Nose Gear, Aft Gear, LHS & RHS wheel weights
- Indicates centre of gravity
- High precision, within 1% of aircraft weight