unmanaged network switch / 6 ports / redundant / intrinsically safe



  • Type:


  • Number of ports:

    6 ports

  • Other characteristics:

    redundant, intrinsically safe


The SISTF1013-x62-LRT Ethernet switch family contains simple “Plug-and- Play” multi-port switches designed specifically for use in hazardous environments. The switches comply with Class 1, Div 2, ATEX, IECEx regulations, are Optically Intrinsically safe, and are used at the edge of a hardened network to connect devices in hazardous locations. Depending on the model, these switches provide multimode fiber connections with SC connectors; have redundant input power connections, and a fault alarm relay to ensure safe reliable operation in temperatures between -40°C and +75°C.Applications include: Offshore Oil Rigs, Natural Gas distribution centers, Oil Refineries, and Petrochemical plants.