thermal imaging camera / infrared / focal plane array / tablet



  • Function:

    thermal imaging

  • Spectrum:


  • Sensor:

    focal plane array

  • Other characteristics:



Tablet plus thermal imaging camera – the perfect combination!

Extremely clever: The AC080V unites advanced thermal imaging camera functions with many additional possible applications in an ultra-compact tablet design
The AC080V redefines mobile temperature measurement. In contrast to single-point pyrometers or pistol-shaped thermal imaging cameras with mini detector, this thermography tablet comes with more than 19,200 fully radiometric, independent temperature measuring spots, which capture even the smallest temperature changes in real time.

Numerous measuring functions for evaluation and analysis are integrated directly in the device, e.g. automatic temperature tracking, isotherm, sector analysis or temperature alarm.

In addition to thermal images you can not only take photos in 8-Mpx resolution, but also record complete infrared videos, transfer them wirelessly via WLAN to your PC or share them via the internet. Moreover, owing to an integrated GPS, position information can be recorded any time.

Whether for inspecting electrical installations, building diagnostics or preventive maintenance – the new thermal imaging camera tablet AC080V is the ideal all-in-one temperature measuring device for a quick and non-destructive detection of problematic areas.

AC080V – multifunctional thermal imaging camera tablet for manifold fields of application
Real-time thermal imaging camera with advanced 19 kilopixel detector
Capacitive 5-inch touchscreen
8 megapixel real image camera
USB, WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth integrated
Wireless internet connection
Recording of IR videos

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