roller shot blasting machine / for profiles / for metal / continuous



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for profiles, for metal

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, sheet metal


Variable speed for processing tailored to individual material requirements
GAMMA roller conveyor blast machines are continuous pass-through units featuring a motor-driven roller conveyor.

The number and configuration of the blast wheels mounted in the blast chamber are optimized to ensure treatment of all surfaces of whatever sheet metal, sections, tubes or structural framing are loaded onto the roller conveyor.

The conveyor variable speed drive lets you strike the best compromise between required throughput and end result based on the condition of the incoming material.

A brushing and blowing unit installed at the exit side of the pass-through enclosure handles removal of any shot left on materials following treatment.
Installation complete with self-cleaning dry-type cartridge filter. Also comes in VERT version to handle sheet metal held vertically.