mixing and metering unit for medical applications / for the food industry / for the pharmaceutical industry / volumetric
MultiFlex mta®



  • Domain:

    for medical applications, for the food industry, for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Type:


  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-precision, multi-component, digital


MultiFlex dispensing system

The MuliFlex high precision multidispensing system is the solution for volumetric multidispensing of small product quantities. This system is mainly used for applications in the medical, pharma, food or packaging industries.

The MultiFlex is a very compact solution to answer the multidispensing needs. It consists of a series of mta Mini-NVD mono-component dispensers which can be controlled independently.

Furthermore, each Mini-NVD dispenser is equipped with its own electrical controller and can be set with specific dispensing parameters. This smart solution has many advantages, especially in terms of maintenance. In addition, thanks to the «Plug and Play» system, the changeover of the dispenser is carried out in no time.

The MultiFlex system configuration is adapted to the customer’s requirements with up to several hundred units working in parallel.