mobile fume extractor / wall-mounted / welding / with self-cleaning filter
W Series



  • Mobility:

    mobile, wall-mounted

  • Applications:


  • Filter type:

    with self-cleaning filter

  • Other characteristics:

    with extraction arm


Designed specifically for the collection of weld fume, the W Series portable welding fume extractor is ideal for companies that require weld fume extraction. These innovative portable fume extractors, also referred to as weld fume collectors remove harmful contaminants at the source before they can enter a welder’s breathing zone and cause serious health concerns and illnesses. Routine maintenance, filter changes and collection tray disposal can all be done easily without the use of any tools.

W Series Weld Fume Collector Features

The W Series is available as a portable unit or in a wall-mount configuration to fit your specific facility needs. The WP and WP-C portable fume collectors have one extraction arm, are available with or without a filter self-cleaning function and allow for welding in multiple locations within a facility. Choose the on-board cleaning option for heavy welding applications. With the touch of a button, the 30-second pulse cleaning cycle dislodges weld particulate from the filter into the easily removable collection tray for quick disposal.