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water washing system / automatic / hygienic / stainless steel

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water washing system water washing system - MG-006
  • Water washing system


  • Technology:


  • Field:

    automatic, hygienic

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, brush, small size


This hygienic station is used for hand and boot disinfection at the moment of entering the working space and only for boot disinfection at the moment of leaving the working space.

-High station capacity
-Effective hand and boot cleaning
-Small size of the station enables to save space in the working area
-Sensors of disinfectant liquid’s level inside the canisters
-Easy maintenance. Brushes can be removed without using special devises
-Slip-proof surface of the complex
-All current parameters are set through the microprocessor control
Design Features
-The station is made of stainless steel AISI 304
-Automatic dispenser of disinfectant liquid which is activated when two hands are raised
-Two rolling brushes with autofeed of disinfectant liquid for boot cleaning
-Turngate opens the way to the working space only after the full cycle of disinfection
-Control system is on the microcontroller

Description of the process
“Entrance” zone
Hand disinfection. At the entrance to the working area a worker raises both hands to the disinfectant liquid dispenser. After activation of the sensors the disinfectant liquid is dispensed on hands and the turngate allows entering
Boot disinfection. A worker stands on brushes which start rolling after the activation light sending unit. Autofeed of the disinfectant liquid provides the intensive cleaning of boots
Exit from the working area. On the way from the working area the turngate is always unblocked. When a worker goes through the turngate brushes start rolling, disinfectant liquid with water is automatically given to brushes for effective boot cleaning

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