bacon dicer / for cheese / for fruit / for vegetables
Affinity Integra®

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bacon dicer / for cheese / for fruit / for vegetables bacon dicer / for cheese / for fruit / for vegetables - Affinity Integra®


  • Applications:

    for bacon, for cheese, for fruit, for vegetables

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel


A smaller version of the original Affinity® Dicer, the Integra excels at processing challenging, difficult-to-cut applications such as cheese or soft meats, meats with high-fat content, cold temperature products, sticky bakery ingredients, or brined products like pickles. Accepts in-feed products up to approximately 4.5" (114 mm).
The clean cutting action achieves high yields of precise, targeted cut sizes well within customer parameters. Feed spindle and feed drum maintain positive feeding of sticky or moisture-rich products to promote controlled, precision cutting.
Food zone completely separate from the mechanical zone to ensure sanitation. Corrosion-resistant, nonporous, nonabsorbent stainless steel construction.
Integrates to replace existing Model RA series machines already in the field, and incorporates design elements from the longstanding Model RA series, the Affinity, and the Sprint®.
Compared to our standard Model RA-HD machine, this new dicer accepts a larger infeed product size combined with a larger impeller case that equates to potentially a 20 percent increase in yield; when compared to our standard RA-A, it equates to potentially a 50 percent yield increase. In addition, the Integra also offers greater overall design efficiencies.