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absolute rotary encoder / optical / analog output / solid-shaft

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absolute rotary encoder / optical / analog output / solid-shaft absolute rotary encoder / optical / analog output / solid-shaft - A2K


  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Output signal:

    analog output

  • Construction:

    solid-shaft, multi-turn

  • Other characteristics:



The A2K optical encoder is a 12 bit absolute rotary kit style encoder which reports a shaft angle within a single 360 degree rotation of a shaft. The kit style A2K allows the encoder to be easily assembled onto an existing shaft and bearing assembly. Unlike incremental, sometimes called relative, style encoders the A2K provides true (absolute) shaft position eliminating the need for a home or zero cycle after a supply voltage power cycle. The A2K communicates over a RS 485 style serial bus utilizing US Digital's SEI (Serial Encoder Interface) which allows for simple, quick and convenient networking of multiple SEI devices on a single network. PLCs, motion controllers and computers can also reside on the SEI bus as well by use of US Digital's SEI to USB interface device. For complete information about the SEI bus please refer to the SEI Communications Protocol webpage.

The A2K is also available with an optional analog output. The analog output option provides a maximum voltage range of 0 to 4.095 volts with 12 bit resolution. The output voltage can be scaled by simple SEI commands to provide user defined voltage ranges. From the factory the analog output voltage is set to 0 to 3.599 VDC range. Please note that with the A2K analog output option only one device may reside on a SEI bus.