incremental rotary encoder / optical / with digital output / solid-shaft



  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Output signal:

    with digital output

  • Construction:

    solid-shaft, non-contact


The H1 series ball bearing optical shaft encoder has a glass-filled polymer enclosure. This non-contacting rotary to digital converter is designed to provide digital feedback information.

The H1 is fully assembled with a brass shaft, two 1/4" ID by 1/2" OD ball bearings and a mounting plate. The mounting plate comes with two mounting holes for screws #4 or smaller.

The H1 is designed to drive cables up to 10 feet long. For longer cable lengths, adding a PC4 / PC5 differential line driver is recommended.

A connection to the H1 series encoder is made through a 5-pin standard connector. The mating connectors are available from US Digital with several cable options and lengths.