lubricating oil / mineral / for compressors / for pumps

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lubricating oil / mineral / for compressors / for pumps lubricating oil / mineral / for compressors / for pumps


  • Function:


  • Type:


  • Product applications:

    for compressors, for pumps

  • Field:


  • Viscosity:

    0.00006 m²/s, 0.000094 m²/s, 0.000128 m²/s

  • Operating temperature:

    249 °C, 264 °C (480 °F)


Oils for rotary vane pumps
Oils for rotary vane pumps have to meet high requirements, especially in circumstances of continuous operation:

low vapor pressure even at high temperatures
excellent lubricating properties
low oil backflow
excellent resistance to aging
resistant to break-down
minimum oxidation
Rotary-vane Pump Oil B
This vacuum pump oil has excellent viscosity characteristics. Its good chemical resistance, low vapor pressure as well as its better stability when pumping oxidants such as acid and alkaline vapors, makes it superior compared to standard mineral oils. This oil is used for the first filling of RE / RZ / RC series pumps.

Many pumped substances can cause deterioration of common pump oil, leading to mechanical problems. Special oils should be used as a prevention. Special oils may maintain lubricating properties but provide only limited protection against corrosion. The start of the pumps at low temperatures can be impeded.

Rotary-vane Pump Oil K 8
This oil is especially designed for pumping acid vapors but is very hygroscopic and has limited capacity for water vapor. The alkaline additive is consumed during operation making it necessary to change the fluid regularly - even if the pump is not used for several days. Pump oil K 8 does not have the low vapor pressure and the viscosity characteristics of pump oil type B. Pumps will therefore not reach the specified ultimate vacuum and may not start up well at temperatures < 18°C.