rotary vane vacuum pump / diaphragm / oil-lubricated / two-stage
RC 6



  • Technology:

    rotary vane, diaphragm

  • Lubrication:


  • Number of stages:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-performance, hybrid

  • Applications:

    for laboratories, for medical applications, for the chemical industry, chemical process, for pharmaceutical applications, for gas, for the plastics industry

  • Flow rate:

    5.9 m³/h, 6.9 m³/h (208.36 ft³/h)

  • Ultimate vacuum:

    0.01 mbar (0 psi)


RC 6

The RC 6 chemistry-HYBRID pump is a combination of a two-stage rotary vane pump and a two-stage chemistry diaphragm pump for optimized corrosion resistance. The diaphragm pump maintains the oil reservoir under vacuum in order to keep the partial pressures of solvent vapors at levels below their condensation points and to reduce largely the concentration of oxygen and corrosive gases. Therefore the RC 6 chemistry-HYBRID pump has a much higher solvent vapor pumping capability and resistance to aggressive gases than conventional rotary vane pumps.