diaphragm vacuum pump / oil-free / single-stage / chemical-resistant



  • Technology:


  • Lubrication:


  • Number of stages:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, low-noise level, chemical-resistant, high-flow

  • Applications:

    for medical applications, for laboratories, for the chemical industry, for recycling, for distillation, air sampling, for gas, for exhaust gas, chemical process, for pharmaceutical applications, for the plastics industry, for liquid transfer, for mass spectrometry, water, for fuel cells

  • Flow rate:

    16.3 m³/h, 18.4 m³/h (575.63 ft³/h)

  • Ultimate vacuum:

    70 mbar (1.02 psi)


Chemistry diaphragm pumps of the NT design are an excellent solution for continuous, oil-free pumping of corrosive gases and vapors. The one-stage construction provides the advantageous combination of high pumping speed and low ultimate vacuum down to 70 mbar. All major parts in contact with pumped media are made of chemically resistant fluoroplastics. Well-proven PTFE sandwich diaphragms for increased reliability and extended operating life. The eight cylinders pump ME 16C NT provides a particularly high performance together with a compact design. Upgraded with an outlet exhaust vapor condenser (EK) the ME 16C NT +EK provides an environmental friendly system with efficient solvent recovery. Eight-cylinder NT pumps feature quiet operation, smooth and easy to clean surfaces.

Performance features
outstanding chemical resistance and superior vapor tolerance
very high pumping speed even at low vacuum levels
compact design
whisper quiet and very low vibration
excellent environmental friendliness due to efficient solvent recovery

Technical data

Number of heads / stages 8 / 1
Max. pumping speed at 50/60 Hz m3/h 16.3 / 18.4
Max. pumping speed at 50/60 Hz cfm 9.6 / 10.8
Ultimate vacuum (abs.) mbar/torr 70 / 53
Ultim. vac. (abs.) with gas ballast mbar/torr 100 / 75
Ambient temperature range (operation) °C 10 - 40
Ambient temperature range (storage) °C -10 - 60
Max. back pressure (abs.) bar 1.1