natural gas moisture meter / by resistivity measurement / with digital display / portable



  • Measured material:

    for natural gas

  • Technology:

    by resistivity measurement

  • Other characteristics:

    with digital display, portable


The Vaisala HMT360 Series for Moisture in Natural Gas incorporates Vaisala's proven HUMICAP® sensor technology.

With three probe designs to choose from, the HMT360 Series is flexible enough to suit your installation requirements. Compatible with most existing sampling systems, it is easy to replace old or malfunctioning devices. Designed for high pressure systems, these probes can be installed directly into pipelines, eliminating the need for complex and expensive sample systems. With its ball valve set, the probe can be inserted and removed in low pressure systems. The transmitter is easily configured, and delivered with a one week lead time.

The HUMICAP® sensors are not damaged by glycol, and can tolerate saturated conditions and contact with water without causing measurement drift. The sensors dry down rapidly after exposure to water in the process or ambient conditions. The HMT360 Series is rated intrinsically safe for Class I Division I environments.

The stable HMT360 Series has a one year recommended calibration interval, thus saving maintenance costs and measurement downtime. Probes can be changed in the field in just a couple of minutes!