wet grinding machine / surface / for metal sheets



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    for metal sheets

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pneumatic abrasive belt tension and oscillation (air consumption 50 l/min/belt – 5 kg/cm²
high quality, non slip feed belt, speed 5 & 10 m/min or variable speed 3-15 m/min (optional A33)
the spirally grooved contact roller 70° SH, v = 20 m/s or 40° SH, v = 10 m/s (optional A05) for more effective cooling and longer abrasive life
minimum component length: roller Ø 150: 205 mm grinding with the feed (or against the feed optional A04)
facility to accept both Scotch-Brite and coated abrasive belts

(instead of a roller, a brush Ø 150 can easily be mounted)

component thickness 0,5-200 mm
working height: 720-920 mm
in feed and out feed pressure rollers guarantee a smooth through feed of the parts
1,5 KW blower-dryer on out feed table for parts (top and bottom) – min. length: 250 mm
stainless steel cladding, coolant sump removal for cleaning
freestanding automatic paper filter (0,25 KW) (dim. 1,3 x 1,2 x 0,1 m)
delivered WITHOUT abrasive belt and/or brush