heat-recovery ventilation unit
VHR DX Series



  • Type:


  • Air flow:

    Min.: 500 m³/h (17,657.33 ft³/h)

    Max.: 4,000 m³/h (141,258.67 ft³/h)


VHR DX heat recovery ventilation units with heat pump designed for saving energy and also improving indoor air quality. VHR DX units provide heat recovery and well conditioned fresh air by air to air plate type exchanger and heat pump.

30°C fresh air in the summer time and 12°C fresh air in the winter time can be obtained by usual heat recovery units, but these results are not comfortable. You can obtain 20°C fresh air in the summer time and 25°C fresh air in the winter with high efficiency heat pump.

8 standart models with CE marked.
Conditioned fresh air, with a temperature of 20°C in summer and 25°C in winter),
Compact structure (fresh air fan + exhaust air fan + plate type heat exchanger + evaporator + condenser + compressor + cooling equipments),
High quality indoor air with synthetic filter,
The design, providing fast and easy installation and maintenance,
Low noise level and working on required capacity by using direct driven fan with 5 speeds,
The high conductivity and performance, aluminum plate type heat recovery exchangers.