cartridge filter housing / for compressed air / duplex
Filtraflo FPA



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    for compressed air

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VEOLIA's Druck Granular media pressure filters feature epoxy-coated steel vessels, which are also treated for resistance against corrosion and staining. With flow rates ranging from 4.2 to 94 m3/hr, they boast both simplex and duplex configurations, offering flexibility and versatility in filtering any suspended solids on any media. It has two service ports, and provides easy access for maintenance purposes. It also comes with a blower connection socket, and enables automatic air/water backwashing.

These filters can also be used with air injection systems, thanks to its automatic air vents and control panel.

Aside from the removal of suspended solids, Druck also removes manganese, iron, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, phenol, and organics, and also works in deacidification and reduction of carbon dioxide.