turntable wrapping machine / fully-automatic / semi-automatic / bag



  • Type:


  • Operating mode:

    fully-automatic, semi-automatic

  • Product applications:

    bag, for pallets

  • Other characteristics:

    with conveyor

  • Height:

    2,500 mm

  • Width:

    1,200 mm

  • Length:

    1,200 mm


To make your palletized products ready for transport, you can make use of our semi/fully automatic wrapping machines. To prevent your products from possible external damages and to make your products stable and fixed to the pallet during transportation, we provide you with a variety of wrapping materials depending on your products features, for example:

- Foil: Prevent products from environmental influences such as humidity and dust.
- Net: Allow fresh fruit and vegetables to breath during transportation.
- Combination of net and paper: Prevent products’ exposure from UV light.

With our 25-year of technology innovation experiences, Verbruggen has developed a complete range of wrapping machines, which can be categorized into three main series:

VTW wrapping machine
-The VTW-wrapping machine uses a turntable design, and it will usually be integrated within a palletizing line.