digital dynamometer / portable / compact / high-capacity
672501, 675501



  • Type:


  • Options and accessories:

    portable, compact, high-capacity, with remote readout, with LED display

  • Applications:

    for cranes, for hoists

  • Rated load:

    Min.: 6.5 kg (14.33 lb)

    Max.: 55 kg (121.25 lb)


• Highly accurate and reliable, ±0,2% FS accuracy.
• Very clear red digit LED display. Visible at long distances / in bright daylight.
• IP Class 67. Ideal for wet/humid environments.
• Robust high strength steel construction for use in hostile environments.
• Supplied with full certificate of calibration.
• Delivered in smart carry case from hard ABS plastic.
• Designed and manufactured in DK for high quality assurance.