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cylindrical capacitor / reference / medium-voltage / dissipation factor
MV CA series



  • Configuration:


  • Technical characteristics:

    reference, medium-voltage

  • Other characteristics:

    dissipation factor, standard

  • Voltage:

    Max.: 5,000 V

    Min.: 500 V

  • Capacitance:

    Max.: 10 nF

    Min.: 0.01 nF


Medium Voltage air reference capacitor used for very accurate measurement of capacitance and dielectric dissipation factor (Tan d) mostly in laboratories

Full description

After 80 years of design and manufacture of any kinds of standard capacitors, any possible voltages and capacitances, Vettiner proposes today the widest range of high voltage standard capacitors on the world market.

CA range, applied to laboratories "test objects" must be perfectly carried out within the framework of Vettiner knowledge and know how. Electrodes of CA range are made with the special assembly of metallic parallel multiplates in sufficient quantites with an adequate space allows to reach the expected final capacitance value. Dry air or Nytrogen are used to guarantee the the stability of the capacitance and the tan delta of the standard.

In order to satisfy to different possible needs between industrial and National Laboratories in terms of accuracy or stability, Vettiner developped 2 subfamilies inside this range, the traditional CA range for industrial companies and the proof CAS range under Nytrogen and made with Invar plates offering estonishing performances for laboratories.

These same standard capacitors can be used also as the high voltage part of HV capacitive dividers thanks to an associated or separated low voltage foot capacitor.

It is also possible to associate to these standard capacitors (for limited high voltages) variable Tan delta standard.