electric vibrator / for hoppers / direct current / miniature
SPR series



  • Operation:


  • Product applications:

    for hoppers

  • Other characteristics:

    direct current, miniature

  • Force:

    Max.: 356 N

    Min.: 89 N


A Versatile and Durable Solution
VIBCO's Model SPR electric motor vibrators are especially developed for thousands of applications where only a small shake is necessary, but big vibrator reliability is a must. Great for activating small hoppers, screens, chutes, tables, filling machines etc. Controlled flow is obtained on all types of materials including powders, flakes, pills, bottle caps and jars etc. Speed and force can be adjusted on most models with simple rheostats or speed controllers.
Completely noiseless operation (no more sound than a fan motor) makes these vibrators desirable in applications where noise is irritating or fatiguing for the employee. Most units available in 230 volt, 50 or 60 cycles.
Rugged construction permits continuous operation or repeated start and stop operation in any position.
SPR-40HD, 60HD 80HD and the SPRT60HD 80HD and CE are heavy duty units with oversized bearing and cast iron bell, instead of aluminum, for extra long life.