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    CNC, automatic, non-contact


A highly capable programmable and compact 3-axis non-contact vision measuring machine, Falcon CNC delivers accurate results with simplicity making it a cost-effective automated measuring system, perfect for small precision parts and increasing throughput.

Small footprint, big impact

Companies across the globe choose Falcon video measuring systems to help improve production quality, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

High resolution optics, a precision measuring stage and industry-leading software make Falcon the ideal solution for measuring small, intricate parts, quickly and accurately.

With space at a premium, Falcon CNC doesn't take up much room, yet can make a big difference to your quality.

Fast, accurate, simple

Simplicity is the key. Speed and accuracy is of no use if a system is difficult to use.

From single-feature measurement to multi-point video edge detection, Falcon CNC delivers simple, accurate results in 3-axis for a wide range of precision measuring applications.

Touch probe option

A touch probe option provides non-contact and contact measurement in a single system, allowing fast and repeatable measurements in the Z-axis.

- Renishaw PH6 module with TP20 touch probe
- 3µm Z-axis repeatability


- High repeatable programmable accuracy 3-axis video measuring machine
- 150mm x 150mm motorised precision measuring stage
- Factory-completed NLEC* and SLEC** calibration
- Next generation 'touch-to-measure' measurement software