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    non-contact, compact


Falcon - a highly capable and compact 3-axis non-contact video measuring machine Falcon is packed with massive technical capabilities as standard. Falcon delivers, accurate results with simplicity making it a cost-effective machine suitable for shop-floor and manufacturing inspection applications.

Vision Engineering's Falcon incorporates over 50 years of proven optical experience in a powerful 3-axis non-contact video measuring machine.

Falcon provides fast and accurate measurement of both routine and complex precision parts, suitable for shop-floor and manufacturing inspection applications. It has a range of system configurations and options including automated CNC operation.

Fast, accurate, simple

Simplicity is the key. Speed and accuracy is of no use if a system is difficult to use.

From single-feature measurement to multi-point video edge detection, Falcon delivers simple, accurate results in 3-axis for a wide range of precision measuring applications.


- High repeatable accuracy 3-axis video measuring machine
- Advanced capabilities as standard
- Powerful and intuitive, delivering accurate results with confidence
- High resolution indexed zoom optics offer precision and flexibility
- Large field of view for easy sample orientation
- Factory-completed NLEC* and SLEC** calibration
- Next generation 'touch-to-measure' measurement software
- Up to 150mm x 150mm precision measuring stage