video corpo

vision processing camera / full-color / monochrome / HD
Phantom v1212



  • Function:

    vision processing

  • Spectrum:

    full-color, monochrome

  • Technology:

    HD, digital

  • Sensor:


  • Interface:


  • Other characteristics:

    megapixel, very high-sensitivity, high dynamic range, ultra high-speed


The Phantom v1212 ultrahigh-speed camera has 12 Gpx per second throughput with full resolution frame rates of up to 12,600 fps. Reducing the resolution will allow for up to 551,700 fps and with the optional FAST mode* the camera is capable of up to 820,500 fps.

The v1212 has the same ease-of-use found in other members of the Ultrahigh-speed family, from 10Gb Ethernet standard for fast data transfer to multiple connections for flexible signaling and control.

High frame rates create extreme amounts of data. The v1212 is compatible with both the CineMag IV and CinMag V systems so data storage issues are not a concern. The internal shutter allows for hands-free black references to ensure image quality.