video corpo

vision processing camera / full-color / monochrome / digital
Phantom v2012



  • Function:

    vision processing

  • Spectrum:

    full-color, monochrome

  • Technology:


  • Sensor:


  • Other characteristics:

    megapixel, high-speed, high dynamic range


The Phantom v2012 ultrahigh-speed camera has over 20 Gpx throughput with full resolution frame rates of up to 22,500 fps. The higher throughput allows the v2012 to push the boundaries by reaching speeds of 1 Million fps at 384 x 16 resolution and 290ns minimum with the FAST* option.

The v2012 has interchangeable lens mounts. It is possible to switch between Nikon, C, and Canon EF (with electronic control) quickly. This enhances workflow possibilities by eliminating lengthy down times and ensure the right lens can be used for the right situation. Workflow is enhanced further with multiple connections and compatibility with both the CineMag IV and V.