ABS 3D printer / resin / SLA / industrial
ProtoFab SLA600B DLC



  • Materials to be printed:

    ABS, resin

  • Technology:


  • Applications:

    industrial, prototyping, dental, medical

  • X travel:

    600 mm

  • Y travel:

    600 mm

  • Z travel:

    400 mm


China SLA 3D Printer For Sale - King of Cost
Military quality Important components Military quality Important components
The important components (laser controller, imported service system) are selected from well-known brands all over the world, effectively supporting and ensuring the high reliability for the overall operation of the equipment.
Personalized customization Personalized customization
DLC scanning system, automatic door, automatic feeding, automatic environmental sensing, remote control and other functions support customization to meet the needs of industrial 4.0 requirement.
Super-high value with competitive price Super-high value with competitive price
Independent design, R&D and mass production, greatly reducing costs, good equipment quality and performance, the real "king of cost".
High speed, well precision, good quality High speed, well precision, good quality
German original high-speed scanner, greatly increase production efficiency. The size up to 600mmx 600mmx400mm, minimum layer thickness up to 0.05mm, surface roughness is only 0.05μm, well precision, smooth surface, easy to do all kinds of post-processing.
Multiple Resins Multiple Resins
Offering a wide range of Resins, up to 20 different kinds of resins to meet the needs of different customers and industries requirement