ABS 3D printer / resin / SLA / industrial
ProtoFab SLA600E DLC



  • Materials to be printed:

    ABS, resin

  • Technology:


  • Applications:

    industrial, prototyping, medical

  • X travel:

    600 mm

  • Y travel:

    600 mm

  • Z travel:

    600 mm


customizable appearance 3D printer
Made-To-Measure Customization Made-To-Measure Customization
The appearance,color and materia can be custom madel. At the same time, it can also choose the modular upgrade of variable spot intelligent scanning system, automatic door opening, automatic feeding, automatic environmental sensing, remote control and so on. It can fully meet the customization requirements of industry 4.0.
Ultra Precise Ultra Precise
The beam quality has been upgraded and accuracy increased further. This allows for an even wider range of complex structures to be printed.
Reliable Linux System Reliable Linux System
The all-new Linux-based control system was developed in-house specifically for ProtoFab equipment. Parameters can be fully automated. The modeling process is much more streamlined and automated than before and the interface is highly intuitive and secure.
Dynamic Laser Control Dynamic Laser Control
The powerful 3-watt laser can be adjusted smartly during printing to give incredible efficiency and accuracy. Finished parts have a smoothness and level of detail comparable to injection molding, making post-processing easier than ever.
Perfect Compatibility Perfect Compatibility
ProtoFab offers more than 10 self-developed materials, each with their own unique characteristics. Each has been tested extensively and is the perfect match for this equipment.