pipe end plug / round / non-threaded / low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
RPP Series



  • Form:


  • Type:


  • Material:

    low-density polyethylene (LDPE)

  • Product applications:

    for pipe ends

  • Diameter:

    Max.: 114 mm

    Min.: 10 mm


Every one of our Ribbed Pipe End Plugs is manufactured using a strong form of LDPE and comes with a red finish, ensuring a long-lasting solution and allowing for the plug to easily be seen once installed. Pipe End Plugs are regularly used to seal off and protect internal and external sections of a pipe, especially during transportation or storage, preventing ingress and providing structural integrity. Each of these Pipe Plugs comes with multiple ribs that allow a tight fitting to the inside of the tube/pipe and fitment across varied wall thicknesses, working to prevent excess movement or slack.

We keep these plugs for pipe ends in a number of sizes between 10mm and 140mm to fit a wide number of variations, alternatively we are always able to offer custom sizing where-required for a specific project.

Key Product Features:
Manufactured using a strong LDPE Plastic
Multiple ribs to promote a secure fit
Ideal pipe protection solution
Large sizing range

Commonly Used For:
As a plug for the end of a tube or pipe
As pipe end plugs to prevent ingress