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Our selection of Plastic Ferrules & Rubber Ferrules includes a number of high end reinforced products produced specifically for attaching to the end of your Walking Stick, Chair Leg or Appliance. Working mainly to protect and provide grip, our ferrules come in a number of Plastic and Rubber variations with each coming with its own unique set of properties such as a reinforced metal or nylon base. When it comes to choosing your preferred version of ferrule it is important to remember that options such as our Rubber Ferrules will provide good grip on hard surfaces, making them ideal for use with crutches and walking sticks, where-as Plastic Ferrules will provide better grip when used with softer surfaces such as carpet. As a push fitting product these feet are able to be installed straight away, without the need for fixings or adhesives thanks to the self gripping design which comes from standard across our range.

Our large collection of ferrules includes both reinforced and standard styles manufactured specifically to suit all kinds of needs and requirements found inside the workplace, household or industry. All styles listed below are available in a number of sizes for purchase as well as free sampling, this includes many standard metric options such as 16mm, 19mm, 22mm & 25mm.

As a general rule to go by, Plastic are used for soft flooring's where-as Rubber Ferrules are often preferred for harder floors.

Benefits Of Using Our Ferrules
Largest selection of high quality ferrule products inside the UK
Manufactured using premium carefully selected materials
Easily installed to the end of your chair/furniture leg
Competitive pricing and bulk discounts on al